Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Vintage Wedding Craze!

Having a theme for your wedding can help with the overall planning of your wedding as it provides a certain structure that you can stick to. The vintage wedding theme is still as popular as ever so we thought we would give you some ideas if you choose to go down the vintage road when planning your wedding. As it is your special day you can incorporate the theme into as much or as little of your day as you like.

Here are some nice ideas on how to incorporate the vintage suitcase look into your wedding. It can be as simple as using it for people to place cards or gifts in or you can get really creative with it and use it as your table plan for your guests or simply just as a prop to highlight the vintage theme.

Bird cages are very popular when incorporating a vintage theme in your wedding. Use them as centre pieces on each table with some nice flowers inside to give a softer look to the cages. Or you can display bird cages at the entrance of the main room to create the overall theme before your guests even walk in to the room.

Having a vintage style table where guests can write messages to the newly married couple is a nice idea and will encourage your guests to admire the vintage props while writing you a lovely message that you can keep as a wedding memory forever.

Hanging jars are a lovely way of decorating the room for a vintage style. A nice touch to this style is to write a little memory of the couples time together on each jar such as how they first met. This will give a real personal feel to the decor and will also give your guests a chance to chat and reminisce on their memories of the couple and share stories.

This cute little idea is ideal for couples who want to include music in their vintage wedding theme. Incorporating sheet music from your favourite song can give a nice personal touch to the wedding. Wrapping the sheet music around flowers can be used as a cute wedding favour or even for the bridesmaid flower bouquet. It can be sheet music from songs that mean something to you both. This will give a really personal and romantic feel to the wedding. This may take some time to prepare but it will be worth it to see the end product and your guests will be impressed with this cute idea.

Different eras brought different styles of dresses and if you want to go all out for your vintage wedding theme you can always wear a traditional wedding dress that came from a certain decade. This can really add to the theme for your day and below is a guide to the different fashions from the 1920's to the 1970's. You can incorporate this style into as much or as little as you like but usually if you chose to go with a vintage theme then almost every part of the wedding will have the vintage theme running through it from the wedding dress to the room decor even if they are just small vintage props or ideas the vintage theme will be apparent.  

The photo booth idea has taken the wedding industry by storm in the last few years. It provides fun for all your guests no matter what their age and leaves lasting memories for both you and all your guests. You can incorporate any props you like into the photo booth to make the images funny and give your guests a good laugh! Your guests can keep the photos and have them as a memory of your special day.  

Brooch Bouquet
Along with all your wedding memories why not have a bouquet that you can keep forever as well? This unique idea will have your guests in awe of your bouquet and you can also incorporate your "something old" by including an old brooch from your mother or grandmother. You can incorporate as much or as little colour into your brooch bouquet. You can even incorporate a colour theme that may be part of your wedding.

We hope these vintage wedding ideas have sparked some fun ideas for your wedding! Come visit us in our showrooms for a wedding consultation and hear about how we can add to your vintage look!

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