Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mount Wolseley

Recently we decorated a wedding at Mount Wolseley in Tullow. Here are a small selection of images from the day!

Completely new kind of Fairylight Backdrop

Wonderful Cake & Cake table

Floral arrangement at Backdrop

Also check out our video on youtube http://bit.ly/gfYc8h

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

floral designs

ok i am the first to hold my hands up & say i have no idea about flowers, in fact the
florist we use laughs at my descriptions {no really!}

classic table designs include domes of flowers in simple colours housed within oversized silverware such as candelabras

country style flowers consist of different shapes & sizes in more rustic containers

colourful flowers consist of lower clusters in hot colours

modern brings to mind tall vases & black tableware to add drama

romantic evokes english tea party,enchanting wild garden roses & candelabras

so basically this is a guide & this is all i know {explaining why we call in the experts} but i hope it helps those like me

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