Monday, April 8, 2013

Summer Wedding Trends

We all know Ireland is not exactly known for our hot summers but we hope to heat things up with some summer wedding trends and ideas for 2013!

Marquee Weddings and Draping

Have the atmosphere of an outdoor wedding while protecting your guests from the Irish weather! Marquee weddings are popular this summer and are easily dressed with drapery to add a sophisticated look to the room.

Add hanging lanterns to the draping to create a romantic atmosphere 

Colour Trends

Mixing colours can help create a summer atmosphere even if its raining outside. Colours such as blue and white or blue and yellow can give that fresh summer look to any wedding no matter the weather! It also means you will probably have your "something blue" sorted which will be one less thing to worry about.

Mini Menus

Why not consider having mini appetizers and desserts at your wedding. This also saves the hassle of having lots of left over wedding cake. Impress your guests by presenting them in an original way.

Mismatched Bridesmaid dresses 

As no two women are the same the same style of dress may not suit all your bridesmaids so why not mismatch them to give a trendy vibe to your wedding but also keep the ladies happy with their favourite style of dress.

Place cards with a twist!
 Surprise your guests with an original place card which include a little treat for them too! They will be impressed with the idea and enjoy their treat too!

Balloon theme

Couples often like to have an overall theme for their wedding and balloon themes are becoming a fun idea to incorporate into your day! You can include the theme as much or as little into your day as you like.
Here are some ideas you could consider:

We hope we have inspired you with these Summer Wedding trends and ideas!
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