Thursday, December 30, 2010

Competition Time AGAIN

it may be quite obvious that the Christmas season has driven us a
bit mad & led us to give away oodles of things so here goes....

we are exhibiting at The Wedding journal Show in citywest january 14th,15th & 16th and we've decided that the first five couples to register their wedding with us will receive €250 worth of free wedding decor to start the ball rolling.

the wedding registry allows an alternative for couples who would like cash gifts but don't want to be so brazen.

your guests can call us with your registration number & their gift will be added to your decor account with us, allowing you to decorate to your hearts content using your guests gifts as funding!

easy peesey...

so come find us on stand j10 at the wedding journal show & register your wedding with us, you might just win €250!



Thursday, December 16, 2010

luscious linens

apologies for the serious lack of recent posts we've fallen behind but i promise this will not be the case from now on, with two posts this week to make it up to you!

Red linen is sumptuous & luxurious, romantic & rich.

Please see below instructions for how red works well at a wedding

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its the day after valentines day & a dozen red roses are required for every woman in the country {sorry guys but the bunches of flowers are for us!}

here are some wonderful red wedding florals for you to peruse

ps. congratulations to all of you tying the knot on val's day {you big softies!}

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roaring red weddings

red is the central theme of weddings in the Chinese traditions. it signifies love,joy & prosperity.

in the western world red can be described as the colour of love... & it being February love is the name of the game.

although its quite a contrast to white/ivory red+weddings=stunning

here are some little elements for a splash of colour

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wedding cars

black wedding cars exude style, elegance & timelessness.

Vintage cars make a huge statement for your wedding

as henry ford once said 'Any colour- so long as it's black!'

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black table linen

here are some more wonderful images i fell across to include black in the wedding linen

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ok down to the serious business2

for centuries black has been associated with male wedding attire & 'the black suit' has become synonymous with grooms-wear.

a brightly coloured shirt or tie will contrast well with the strong coloured jacket &/or trousers

serving suggestions below

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a new beginning...

not to start the year off on a dark note but we've chosen black as the colour for our January posts.
black has always been a prominent wedding colour.

black indicates formal & sophisticated. it is a colour that never goes out of fashion. black is a great choice for weddings as it stands out wonderfully in photographs.

an indicator of just how popular black is at the moment is the black wedding dress, a matter of controversy in the wedding business.

is black really the new black when it comes to weddings?

{image courtesy of}

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

wedding information evenings

hello ladies {& lads}

As you know The Bridal Bar provides a full planning & concierge service. To improve our service & widen our expertise in wedding industry we have teamed up with a number of other suppliers to provide you with free monthly information evenings. These evenings will be held at our showroom, The Bridal Bar & we’ve decided to offer a few nibbles & a glass of bubbly. We will have evenings based around numerous topics e.g. wedding rings, wedding dresses, hair,beauty,makeup,flowers & anything else we consider weddingy

If you would like to register or receive more information about our supplier information evenings please email

{Remember places are limited so sign up fast}


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

we're normally not the number crunching type but after hearing some CSO stats we decided we'd give you the info on weddigns in Ireland in 2010.

surprisingly weddings are one of the few things that dont suffer from the wrath of an economic downturn.

in fact there were 3381 weddings in the first 3months of 2010, thats 56% higher than the same months of 2001, when everybody was still spending money like it was going out of fashion.

end of random wedding facts


Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Mount Wolseley

Recently we decorated a wedding at Mount Wolseley in Tullow. Here are a small selection of images from the day!

Completely new kind of Fairylight Backdrop

Wonderful Cake & Cake table

Floral arrangement at Backdrop

Also check out our video on youtube

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

floral designs

ok i am the first to hold my hands up & say i have no idea about flowers, in fact the
florist we use laughs at my descriptions {no really!}

classic table designs include domes of flowers in simple colours housed within oversized silverware such as candelabras

country style flowers consist of different shapes & sizes in more rustic containers

colourful flowers consist of lower clusters in hot colours

modern brings to mind tall vases & black tableware to add drama

romantic evokes english tea party,enchanting wild garden roses & candelabras

so basically this is a guide & this is all i know {explaining why we call in the experts} but i hope it helps those like me


Friday, October 29, 2010

kids at weddings

there are any number of things to keep kids entertained at weddings:

colouring books & crayons {please for your own sake don't get markers, they will be ALL OVER everything}

bubbles bubbles bubbles, they keep both the young & the old entertained

kids backpacks filled with goodies & toys & some puzzles {kids always love anything that looks like a present or a party bag!}

sweet tables {although bad for the teeth they are good for the sanity of all other guests, grumpy kids + weddings = no fun!}

exotic weddings

its winter in Ireland so i thought I'd give everyone a day dream today as we speak exotic

exotic weddings have become really popular in the past few years

beach weddings are most popular for Irish couples as they try to escape the uncertain weather.

this seems like a lovely option for a small intimate wedding & means you get a holiday into the bargain {yay}

fanciful wedding styling

this type of wedding is adventurous, fun & quirky.
bright bold colours & mismatched suits are the signature of this look.

props & themes are the key eg. a cinematic themed wedding might have mini popcorn cupcakes instead of a cake & waiters dressed as cinema-ushers.

this is one way of ensuring something different for your guests

countryside wedding styling

countryside weddings are serene, carefree, relaxed & rustic

nature provides endless inspiration for this style of wedding,

for this style of wedding selecting the site gives indication of what sort of decor needs to be included, a winery might allow you to use wine bottles to hold table names

play around, this is a fun one

contempoary wedding styling

contemporary is all about simplicity & sophistication... clean lines, modern colours & definitely all about being chic.

elements which could be considered contemporary are:

1} bright, bold colours mixed together, such as apple green & chocolate brown

2} stationery could feature emblems or motifs rather than lace & ribbons

3} dramatic flowers such as cala lilies with their clean lines & dramatic long stalks fit well within the modern theme.

4} plan on an unusual shaped cake rather than the traditional round or square

festive wedding

December has really arrived with a bang & most weddings will have some kind of festive air to them, ways to portray this are:

1}your colour palette can take inspiration from the rich reds & burgundy which emanate Christmas cheer
2} the key is to create a synergy between your wedding & the festive season

3}a Christmas wedding doesn't have to be burgundy it can evoke memories of snow also, silver & grey tones & shimmer can be used in your table dressing & centerpieces

4} stationery can be playful & shimmery to suit the winter theme
most of ll if you're having a winter wedding remember that even if the whole of Ireland is covered in snow,or some of your guests are unable to attend, it will still be the day that you will marry the man of your dreams!

have fun with it, it's christmas


classic styling

ok so we're all kind of over the snow now & are hoping it doesn't return before christmas, so we resume normal transmission to discuss classic

what defines a classic style wedding?

classic is traditional,timeless,elegant & tasteful. there are many ways of capturing this for your wedding.

1}a traditional location for your ceremony such as a large church or a cathedral

2}exquisite paper with custom calligraphy for your stationery

3} beautiful table decorations such as silver, crystal & elegant linens including elements of candlelight & large floral arrangements

4} a three tiered round wedding cake with white / ivory icing

5} a white wedding dress in a classic line, full skirt in lace or satin

6} classic doesn't have to mean colorless, red & black can be classic if done correctly

remember this style looks expensive but doesn't have to cost a fortune

vows & ceremony talk

where does the music fit in?

anywhere you can fit it in.. a few nice tunes before you arrive are always nice & add to the sense of the occasion of the day. obviously you need to have some sort of music as you're walking up the aisle ... another key moment is to have a song play straight after you kiss,meaning you can have a minute or two to chat!the end of the ceremony allows for another piece of music which will move you forever.

do i need to make a wedding programme?

not necessarily but its nice as a keepsake for guest & allows them to follow the ceremonies proceedings, stopping them from losing interest
in what order should we walk up/down the aisle ?

its your day your way! speak to the priest/ registrar about the usual order. the traditional order is:

grandparents; mother of the groom; mother of the bride;groomsmen;bridesmaids;maid of honour; flower girl; bride & her escort.

how do i handle our families when comes to different cultural & religious differences?

as soon as you & hubby to be agree on your type of ceremony tell both sets parents what you're planning to do, listen to concerns & try to come to a compromise. if you're having an interfaith wedding try to bring elements from both beliefs.

when do i need to get a marriage licence?

in ireland you need to apply 12 weeks in advance, you must speak to your priest/registrars office must apply together as a couple.

how can we recognise absent loved ones in our ceeremony?

there are a number of different ways & its often lovely to do this is your ceremony. you could light candles, display a photo, recite a poem or say a prayer for them.

where should guests sit for the ceremony, does there have to be a bride & grooms side?

its not 100% necessary to separate the guests but often immediate family & close relatives will prefer to have reserved pews towards the front.

how long should the ceremony last?

theres no magic number, church ceremonies are generally an hour long & civil ceremonies may be shorter, talk to the priest or registrar about the length. its important not to have it too long as guests may get restless.

what should we cover in the rehearsals?

go over the order of your procession & who stands where. make sure the priest/ registrar know what parts to give you clues, nervous brideys & groomies can forget but more often than not dont!

is it possible to prepare for disasters?

chances are nothing will go wrong as long as you have chosen the right people. kids are almost always the most awkward thing to control however it is important to always have a contingency plan

Thursday, October 28, 2010

cake {again}

what are the icing options?

butter-cream {although it doesn't last very well in high temperatures}
Fondant - this is the most traditional & gives a clean line

should we serve our cake?

that all depends on how much your guests have had to eat, most venues will serve the cake with the evening food but it might be worthwhile to ask the catering staff not to cut the entire cake as its often a waste!

cake cutting-do we have to do the ceremony part?

a ceremonial slicing of the cake is a lovely idea & makes for a great photo op... why not ???

cake toppers?

traditional bride & groom statues are not so popular anymore. monograms, cartoons, funny bride & groom statues & flowers are the most popular items {fresh flowers are my absolute favorite}

saving a slice?

if you have any cake left its tradition to keep the first slice for the 1st anniversary. ask your baker about this as many different fillings store differently.

what fillings can i get?

well there are a huge number of fillings available but our most popular are:

carrot cake; chocolate biscuit cake; chocolate fudge cake; lemon sponge; raspberry sponge & last but by no means least fruit cake

but remember cake doesn't have to be cake at all it could be

... cupcakes, mini cakes, truffles, fruit pies, a very healthy fruit salad or for the dessert fiend among us a tasty profiterole tower

food & drink

ok so maybe we dont remember most of the meals we have at weddings but we'll certainly remember if we go hungry....or thirsty

open bar????
depending on the venue open bars may turn out to cost the sun moon & stars but don't panic there are a few options available to you ...

an open toast means your guests will have a drinks order taken at their table & they can toast you with a drink of their choice.. this is a great idea as it means your guests wont be crowded at the bar when you enter then room

you could also offer signature cocktail which could be waiting for your guests at their table when they take their seats for dinner...

how much food????

generally catering staff can recommend best & will always overestimate so don't panic about shortages, in fact there is always loads of food at weddings. evening nibbles should be underestimated as they are often wasted.

starters & choices???

its OK only to have one starter as long as its not going to go uneaten by the majority of your guests.

is a menu tasting necessary?

definitely... not only will you get to sample all the delicious treats available but it will calm your nerves about the quality of the food offered

i'm worried that me & hubby wont eat on the day & we'll be grumpy & tired....

you must eat it is 100% necessary, if you're having photos taken during the drinks reception ask the hotel to bring you a platter of nibbles. when you enter the reception hall ask the master of ceremonies to usher you to your table, this will ensure you're not sidetracked by guests en route


cake cake cake {yummy}

brides often ask us what sort of cake should they have as there are so many options

our reply is always the same...

the design should match the aesthetic of the day. a formal wedding generally needs a multi-tiered cake, this can be either elaborate or simple but must imply ceremony.

white & ivory are the classic colours for icing but pastel shades are making a huge appearance at the moment.

for a less formal wedding you can embrace the unconventional, cupcakes, mini cakes, donuts or pastries towered high on cake stands can be very impressive.

white icing is a timeless look & can be used as a blank canvas for the decoration of your choice,bold colours against white always look stunning.


Thursday, October 21, 2010


ok ladies we can all be accused of becoming zillas as our special day approaches but don't worry there are  certain members of the bridal party who were designed to become your slaves helpers...

the best man is a prime example & must be prepared to

arrange wedding transport
arrange the stag night
carry cash to pay suppliers on the big day
usher people into photos { & make sure he knows your aunty mary from your aunty josie}
make a speech...the speech is one of the most poignant moments of the day & hopefully he won't try to turn it into a standup gig!
dance with the chief bridesmaid for the first dance {& attempt not to break all ten of her toes!}

most importantly it is the best mans duty to keep the rings safe until hey are on your finger...

anyone prepared to take on best man duties should be told of all this so he knows what he's getting himself in for!



Wednesday, October 13, 2010

seating politics

planning seating for your wedding can be a tricky business, you will always have to deal with the 'i don't want to sit beside' or 'i'd rather be closer to'

here are a few tips to make it as stress free as possible...

first of all figure out which part of the room you would like to sit in with hubby & then establish what type of table you will be at {oval, round, rectangular?}

next you will need to factor in: kids tables; single guest & work colleagues. the etiquette is generally that you dont need to invite colleagues partners {unless of course you have endless space for guests}

assigned seating is highly recommend but there are a few things you need to remember:
parents of both you & hubby must have VIP tables {they won't be happy at the back of the room}
dont seat your elderly guests near the speakers {you will be adjusting the music all night}

last but not least be prepared to make changes... 
hope this helps



Friday, October 1, 2010

irelands first wedding registry

hi guys

We've launched our new site & now we're launching a first in Ireland, The Bridal Bar Wedding Registry.

So what is this all about???

We all know that most couples nowadays live together before the big day, gone are the days of living with mammy until you put on the white dress & veil, therefore the old age subject of the wedding present rears its ugly head, how many picture frames can one couple fit into their house? how large are their ornament cabinets to house countless numbers of trinkets???

OK we know it's the thought that counts but presents can be a bit odd sometimes & asking for monetary gifts is often considered a bit brash

ta dah we have the perfect solution The Bridal Bar Wedding's the plan...
you register your wedding details with us & are given a code, your guests can then call us using the code & make a contribution towards your wedding co-ordination & styling. Thus ruling out embarrassment of sending thank you cards for the receipt of flouncy toilet roll holders!

if you need more info please don't hesitate to ask


{the bridal bar}

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Time saving tip

well folks

a time saving tip that can be used by all and sundry whilst planning a wedding.

with a huge number of suppliers in so many categories it will save a huge amount of time by:
#1: doing research on the internet {getting feedback from other brides etc}

#2:picking your favourite suppliers 

#3:setting up meetings with only three suppliers in each wedding category {planners,entertainment, photographers etc}

this will avoid information overload & many days of stress

speak soon


{the bridal bar}

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


our new accessories have arrived & are taking pride of place in The Bridal Bar

so I decided to take a little time out of my hectic week to show you what treats we have in store for you now.

enjoy the pics below






Wednesday, June 16, 2010

candy station

no no we don't mean Candi Staton

to all brides hiring items from us & thinking about ordering your cake through us too we have another little incentive for you...

for every cake ordered before January 1st 2011 worth over €450 you will receive a wonderfully dressed candy station for your wedding, this will include a tablecloth to suit your theme or colour {it doesnt have to be pink!}& also a selection of :

wine gums
chocolate buttons

{i'm very excited}


{the bridal bar}

Thursday, June 3, 2010

bridal bar launch

we officially launched our bridal bar on 26th may last

here are a few sneaky pics

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