Tuesday, February 8, 2011

new items arriving soon

our brides are always looking for something different so we've a few things lined up:

personalized m&m's will be added to our repertoire for 2011

along with chair roses which can be used as favors for your lady guests... they turn themselves into shopping bags, HOW CUTE

if there's anything you would love to include let us know


new additions

we've decided we're going to go a bit mad & purchase a whole load of new & exciting linens
i'll be showing you them as & when we make decisions but here is a definite newbies to the warehouse

{silver roses}

{vintage ivory}


Monday, February 7, 2011


this post showcases two styles of green bridesmaids dresses & a testament to how green doesn't have to be old fashioned

green linen

green is alway refreshing & theres nothing more refreshing than sitting down
at a table with green linen
embrace march & go green





green stationery

adding colour to your stationery is a way to set the ball rolling for using a colour throughout your whole wedding. here are some samples of pretty green stationery






Wednesday, February 2, 2011

green weddings

so we're really seeing spring at this stage & beginning to notice elements of green returning to our landscape after a long winter

so for march we've decided to choose green to discuss

this week its Eco weddings, or green weddings as we're going to call them!

being green may involve using recycled paper for the stationery, choosing a setting to minimize the travel impacts of your guests or offsetting your carbon footprint for your honeymoon but even these small steps are steps int he right direction.

tell me how you're making your wedding green


to continue our red month we're talking bridesmaids & red this week

having your bridesmaids in red works in a number of ways:

1} it suits us brunettes really well

2} it looks great in photos against the more neutral tones of the wedding dress & the majority of wedding flowers

3} men dont panic when they hear red tie/dickie bow as much as they would when they hear pink tie/dickie bow!

4} suits most complexions, including the pale irish one!

enjoy some red bridesmaid elements below:





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