Thursday, September 12, 2013

Winter Weddings

Well the evenings are getting darker which can only mean one thing.. Winter is coming! But there are positive parts to winter like a romantic Winter Wonderland Wedding! Below are some cute ideas for you when planning a winter wedding.

There are some cliché winter wedding decor ideas such as snowflakes and large winter trees but there are many other cute ways of incorporating a winter theme. The following are some cute decor ideas to incorporate the theme. You can involve the winter theme into as much or as little of your wedding as you prefer.

Candles are a great way of creating atmosphere in the room and also creating a warm and cozy winter theme. You can use them as centre pieces on each table creating a sea of candles so when your guests walk into the room they are blown away by the romantic candle lit room.

 A starry night is a romantic scene anywhere so why not have it in your reception room to create a real wow factor to your winter wedding theme. Your guests will be in awe of your starry night skyline and it creates a real wow factor to your room decor. Draping the roof can create a gorgeous cozy atmosphere in the room and with blue and green lighting reflected on to the draping it creates a real winter feel to the room.

Hanging chandeliers are a lovely way of creating a winter vibe to you room. Vary the heights to create the illusion of falling snowflakes. The bright lights from the chandeliers will create a lovely bright light on each of the tables thus creating an overall romantic feel to the room when your guests walk in. 

Making place name cards is always a lovely personal touch to your wedding. For a winter wedding there are lots of cute ideas you can make simply so it doesn't cause you too much hassle but still looks great on the day. Guests will be impressed with you incorporating the winter theme into even the littlest things on the day. Incorporating more candles here will create a romantic and personal feel as your guests will have their own personal candle with their name on it- always reminding them of your special day.

Incorporating your winter theme into wedding favours is a cute and thoughtful idea which your guests will appreciate you doing. 

Hot Chocolate for your guests to take away with them or have on the night is an adorable little favour that your guests will appreciate on a cold winters night.

Your guests will certainly appreciate these mini hot water bottles on a cold night and therefore are a very thoughtful favour to have at your wedding. 

These cute little dessert treats are a lovely idea for your guests to enjoy when they get the post dinner munchies.

So what we're trying to say is not to despair- winter weddings can be just as fun as those sunny summer ones!

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