Friday, April 29, 2011

we set the trend for the queen

in keeping with our april blog theme of yellow the Queen has chosen to wear a wonderful buttercup ensemble to the wedding of her grandson.

{it took months for us to convince her yellow would be better than any other colour :-p }

so it's official...if its good enough for royalty its certainly good enough for your special day.

here are a few snaps of the monarch in her spring fresh ensemble

{enjoy todays wonderful wedding festivities & the rest of the weekend}

Monday, April 11, 2011

about blue

blue is deeply embedded in wedding traditions, we all know the rhyme, so here are a few options for your something blue, other suggestions would be greatly appreciated as we got stuck after 3/4!

Blue Bridesmaids Dresses

{courtesy of}

Blue stationery

{courtesy of}

Blue Jewels รก la Kate Middleton

{courtesy of}

or of course the traditional blue garter
{i wont put a pic of this up!}

so why is blue important for weddings?

the color blue represents fidelity, trust & unity...

perfect for a wedding


ok so i may be cheating a little bit by choosing candlelight as our final post for a yellow April but believe me it's important...

many brides come into our showrooms and want a quaint candlelit feeling at their wedding reception, which i beautiful, romantic & perfectly understandable, you only have to look at the image below......

BUT ...... {i know you could feel it coming}

.... candlelight can generally only be noticed when the surroundings are dark, or darkening.

therefore candlelit weddings are not overly effective in summer, the desired effect only being achieved towards the end of what will of course be a fabulous day {irish weather or not!}

what we would recommend is to enhance the candlelight with some uplighting, to create the ambiance of candlelight but without having to have the curtains closed!

see image below as an example of subdued coloured uplighting being used in daytime to enhance atmosphere


yellow stationery, but not of the sticky office kind ...

yellow stationery, much like yellow bridesmaids dresses can take on a range of different guises.

it can be stylish & on-trend {grey & yellow are HUGE this season} like this stunner from


or it can be very refined, quaint & pretty like this beautiful example from


then you have a super modern block colour, but with an art deco twist, reminiscent of a luxury brand of perfume or make up like this wonderful specimen from



yellow bridesmaids ? ? ?

to continue our yellow month we're talking about bridesmaids dresses, these can be anything from a classic vintage pale yellow


to the strong contrast of an almost mustard, whatever your style, yellow is a possibility for you!



Monday, April 4, 2011

yellow weddings

yellow is considered the colour of happiness. it can be associated with honesty, bliss & sincerity.

when someone says yellow i think daffodils which of course are v v spring-y!

subtle yellows can be used at the beginning of the wedding day & moving to deeper tones for the evening

see below some winning images of yellow at weddings


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