Monday, June 27, 2011

Orange Weddings

Orange is a warm, stimulating, exuberant colour, known for it's mentally stimulating and sociable qualities. It is also representational of transitions in nature.

It is less intense or aggressive than red, calmed by the cheerfullness of yellow. Orange is often synonymous with autumn, yet brighter oranges are a summer colour.

Here are some ideas of how to incorporate orange into your wedding day!

For an autumnal wedding, you could consider using rich earthy tones with warm shades of orange or burnt orange, which look fabulous with cream and gold.

Bright oranges can be used for a zesty splash of colour, or more subdued shades of pale orange can create a very sophisticated feel.

Orange also looks fantastic with deep purple, or tiffany blue, for a fun colourful wedding.

More posts about orange weddings coming soon!


  1. Yeah orange weddings look outstanding. The color scheme is brilliant but very less people consider it. Even my sister is getting married soon at the destination wedding venues and I would love to suggest this theme to her. I hope she likes my advice.


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