Monday, January 31, 2011

greenifying ourselves

In 2010 & early 2011 we were {as a nation} all concerned

with the economy, so now as we say goodbye to January

we are focusing ourselves on something else, THE ENVIRONMENT

,We hope to minimise the impact of our business on the environment & make our enterp

rise increasingly sustainable.

Obviously as a rental company we are very good at the ‘reuse’ end of things but we felt we weren’t doing as much as we could in the ‘reduce’ & ‘recycle’ departments!

Our main mission to reduce our impact on the environment comes in the form of our new state of the art laundry. Previously we would have outsourced this meaning extra delivery & packaging. Now, following the installation of our new, more energy efficient machinery & the switch to gas rather than electricity we have lighten the load on the planet.

Packaging has been cut almost completely as our linen is now placed & stored in plastic containers rather than bags or boxes.

Regarding reducing the impact of our paperwork on the planet we are all using recycled paper & also using it twice in so much as we can. Recycling bins have been placed under all of our desks & we have dragged the shredder out from the doldrums & begun using it again, allowing us to avoid sending a huge amount of recyclable material to landfill.

We are now looking to our operations staff to come up with more methods of saving time, money, energy & most importantly the planet that we live on so we’ll keep you posted on our new initiatives as they happen.

If you have any ideas on how we can be the brightest of bright green by the end of 2011 I really want to hear them

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